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Roads Available For Adoption Now!

Roads Available For Adoption Now!

The Town of Thompson is officially kicking off its 2024 Adopt-a-Road program to coincide with the start of spring. The goal is to create a #TrashFreeThompson with roadsides that are free of trash and debris.

Anyone can adopt a road…

Individuals, workplaces, organizations, neighborhood associations, groups of friends or family. The adoptee will be recognized with a free, custom sign along the roadway. The adoption process is very straightforward. Adoptees simply contact the Town of Thompson Parks and Recreation Department to inquire about available roads, of which there are many available now.


Adopt-a-Road Contact: Jamie Ferriero
Call: 845-434-7303

The Town emphasizes that adoptable roads are no longer than two miles and most are much less. Typical adoptees litter pluck their road about four times a year (the minimum is two clean ups in two years). The Town provides free garbage bags, and will pick up any large or dangerous items – as well as all the trash bags once the litter pluck is complete.

“The Town is focused on putting its best foot forward to attract visitors plus new residents and businesses. One way to do this is by having roadways that look clean and are well cared for. We are inviting the public to show their pride in Thompson by taking ownership of a small stretch of road through our Adopt-a-Road program. We’re excited to see more people step up and claim a road this spring and summer,” stated Town of Thompson Deputy Supervisor and Board Member Melinda Meddaugh.

With warm weather on its way, the Town of Thompson hopes that the Adopt-a-Road program will appeal to people looking to gather outdoors in a safe, socially distanced manner – all while working together to improve where they live, work, and play.