Playground & Ballpark

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In 2014, The Rock Hill Business and Community Association and the Rock Hill Fire Department worked to create a playground for the community.

This effort was supported through Sullivan Renaissance, volunteers and years of fundraising. As a result, the Rock Hill community now has a playground for families and friends to enjoy. We are always looking for donations and volunteers to help maintain the playground.

During the summer months, there are softball games at the ball field almost every night of the week.

In the fall, there are a number of youth soccer games. The playground is open from dusk to dawn for Rock Hill Fire District residents. The playground has swing sets, seesaws and a firetruck. Check back in the summer for a listing of different events happening at the ball field. Learn more about the Rock Hill Fire Department.

2016 Ball Field Schedule at Frog Field:

Softball games every Tuesday and Wednesday evening starting at 6:00pm, every Friday evening starting at 7:30pm. To learn more abut the league visit the Sullivan County Slo-Pitch League website. *Serving refreshments on select nights.

Location: 61 Glen Wild Road, Rock Hill, NY 12775


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