About the RHBCA

Since 1974, the Rock Hill Business and Community Association (RHBCA) has acted both as a community action committee and as the local chamber of commerce for the hamlet of Rock Hill. We work to enhance the quality of our community so that our residents are proud of our “downtown”, our town retains its character as it grows, and our businesses thrive.

Rock Hill Business and Community Association Monthly Meetings
4th Tuesday of the Month
6PM – 7PM
Meetings take place at the Alan Schantz Agency

The meetings are open to the both members and non-members. At the meetings we discuss our different events, projects, marketing initiatives and overall Rock Hill community and the Town of Thompson. The public is encouraged to attend and get involved.

The Rock Hill Business and Community Association is an incorporated organization with an established set of Bylaws.

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The mission of the RHBCA is to…

To cement and solidify friendly relations between and with the businesses and community members in Rock Hill, Town of Thompson, Sullivan County area for the purpose of maintaining contact with representative organizations; to discuss matters pertaining to and affecting the activities of its members and the overall hamlet of Rock Hill; to collaborate for the improvement of all conditions relating to such activities and generally to promote interest in businesses and the community character of the hamlet of Rock Hill; to foster any steps taken in business and civic affairs touching upon the affecting the said Rock Hill community; to assist its members together for their mutual benefit as businesses and community residents, working and/or residing in said Rock Hill; to foster the trade, commerce and interest of its members and the said Rock Hill community; to assist and create community events and activities that promote Rock Hill; to seek protective legislation and ordinances for the benefit of its members and the said Rock Hill community, and to represent its members’ point of view to local, municipal, state and federal agencies and to the public”.

2022 Board of Directors

President, Kristine Walsh (Thompson Sanitation)
Vice President, POSITION OPEN

2nd Vice President, Steve Schwartz (Steve’s Music Center)
Director of Communications, Christina Cellini (Community Member)
Recording Secretary, Melinda Ketcham-Meddaugh (Community Member)
Treasurer, Mandi Ketcham (Community member)
Assistant Treasurer, Alan Schantz (Alan Schantz Insurance)


2023 Sub-Committees

There are number of sub-committees that help to run our organization who are always looking for more volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, email rhbca12775@gmail.com to learn how or visit our Volunteer page

Rock Hill Farmers’ Market Committee

Chair: Melinda Meddaugh, Erika Malmgreen, Shannon Budnik, Michelle Proscia, Jenny Foster

Rock Hill Garden Committee

Co-Chairs: Patti Sonnenschein & Melinda Meddaugh

Rock Hill Summer Concert Series

Co-Chairs: Melinda Ketcham-Meddaugh & Steven Schwartz

Holiday Events Committee

Chair: Krissy Walsh + Patti Sonnenschein