Neversink River

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Outdoor adventure awaits on the Neversink River…which flows through the Rock Hill area!

Here in Rock Hill, we are lucky to have the beautiful Neversink River run through our own backyard – into the NYSDEC Neversink Unique Area (a large tract of forested land). Both the river and the surrounding forest offer 365 days of outdoor fun: from winter snowshoeing to summer kayaking, tubing, and fishing.

Stay Safe!

The Neversink Unique Area is 4,881 acres of wild land! Stay on the trails so you don’t get lost. Kayaking or tubing on the Neversink River? You must exit the river by Bridgeville Road, before the Holiday Mountain Ski and Fun Park (and before the river heads into the unique area).

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How to Access the Neversink River

If you’d like to fish, enter at the NYSDEC Edwards Road Location. For tubing or kayaking, you can also access the river in the nearby Town of Fallsburg, at the Old Deniston Hill Bridge (which is also a great spot for fishing).

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How to Access the Neversink Unique Area

The Neversink Unique Area, also called the Neversink Gorge, is a wonderful place for hiking and fishing (but camping is not allowed). If you’re looking for easy access to the Neversink River, it’s best to use one of the more convenient access points noted above. However, if you’re up for a hike, there are multiple trails leading down to the river!

In Rock Hill, the Katrina Falls Road access point provides a parking lot and maintained trailhead leading into the Neversink Unique Area. Just a few miles away is the Cold Spring Road access point, which also has a parking lot and nice trails. You can also access the Neversink Unqiue Area Trails from the Wolf Brook Multiple Use Area if the Katrina Falls Rd. Parking Lot is full.

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Wolf Brook Multiple Use Area

The Wolf Brook Multiple Use Area is 585 acres and adjacent to the Neversink Unique Area. Hiking trails are available, and fishing and camping are permitted. Tributaries from Wolf Brook flow into the Neversink River.

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