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As part of the Rock Hill beautification efforts, we created the Rock Hill Public Art project.

The Rock Hill Public Art project provides public art for the residents and visitors of Rock Hill, which contributes to the overall beautification and economic vitality of the community.The project consists of placing sculptures and murals in locations that are visible to the public.

The overall goal is to bring awareness of the arts, while allowing art to be viewed free for the public. We are working to create large sculptures, along with murals that will be located on businesses.

Our end goal is to create a walking tour map, which will include descriptions and locations of all of the public artwork in Rock Hill. In order to accomplish this project, RHBCA has enlisted two local artists, Zac Shavrick and Laurie Kilgore. The end product will result in the beautification of Rock Hill and increased tourism and overall economic development, while raising awareness for the arts.

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