Beautification Projects

Beautification Projects

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The RHBCA has been involved with Sullivan Renaissance projects since 2001

Over the years, we have completed 4 Category C projects and organized a number of fundraising projects. As a result, the RHBCA has worked on technical planning for the community, including a public visioning and a landscaping plan for Rock Hill. The documents developed from the visioning session laid the groundwork for the landscaping plan for Rock Hill Drive.

Our group also works with businesses and the community to implement the goals and objectives from the plan, many of which are laid out in our 5 year plan and the Landscaping Plan. Since 2001, we have worked to create public gardens along Rock Hill Drive, a small park for the Farmers’ Market and Concert Series, assisted the Fire Department with the creation of a playground, created public art for Rock Hill and worked with business to beautify their store fronts.

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