Community Visioning

Community Visioning Community Visioning Community Visioning Community Visioning Community Visioning

Residents and businesses in Rock Hill had the opportunity to share their ideas for the future at two “community visioning workshops”.

The workshops were sponsored by the Rock Hill Business and Community Association, the Town of Thompson, Sullivan Renaissance and the Sullivan County Division of Planning and Environmental Management, and were facilitated by staff from Sullivan Renaissance and the Division of Planning.

The two-hour workshop was designed to give people who live, work and own a business in the community an opportunity to share their thoughts about what they love about the area and would like to see preserved, as well as aspects they would like to see improved and concerns they have about the future.  Exercises helped to identify areas of consensus and priority issues.

Follow up work will involve developing actions that the Town, RHBCA and others can take to address the issues and ideas raised.   As a result, RHBCA and the Town of Thompson have already started working on a number of the action items, such as looking into making Glen Wild Road and Rock Hill Drive more pedestrian friendly, working to better market the Neversink River to our business community and creating and outdoor recreation committee.

“Rock Hill Community Vision Plan”