Membership & Support

Your membership helps to make these great events and projects happen.

Together, with the Rock Hill community members – both individuals and businesses – we are working hard to improve our home town through the activities of the Rock Hill Business and Community Association.


Volunteer help make this all happen! Every bit counts…whether you have an hour, a day or want to join a committee.

Please join us by volunteering and by coming to our monthly meetings, held at the Rock Hill Fire House on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 PM. Share your ideas and enthusiasms and help out with our community projects.

Most importantly, become a member (see application) so that we can strengthen our efforts to build a vibrant community.


Sponsorship money…has helped to raise money for a gazebo, the farmers’ market, the music series and the new, soon-to-come Public Art-work for Rock Hill. And look out for our Spring 2014 50/50 drawing.

Current Fundraising Efforts

Sculpture Sponsorship

Would you like to see outdoor sculptures in Rock Hill? Then help us by becoming a SPONSOR!!

The sculptures will be 7-10 ft metal sculptures of people with different themes reflecting the community. Phase I will have 3 sculptures and Phase II will have an additional 3 sculptures. There will be a plaque listing all of the sponsor names. The larger the sponsorship amount the bigger the name on the plaque.

Sponsorship levels available

Community Supporter: $50
Project Steward: $100
Distinguished Sponsor: $500+


Rock Hill Merchant Discount Card Program

Rock Hill Business and Community Association has created a Merchant Discount Program for Rock Hill Businesses. Cards are available for $15 each and offer discounts at participating businesses.

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Since 1974, the Rock Hill Business and Community Association (RHBCA) has acted both as a community action committee and as the local chamber of commerce for the hamlet of Rock Hill. We work to enhance the quality of our community so that our residents are proud of our “downtown”, our town retains its character as it grows, and our businesses thrive.

The mission of the RHBCA is to…

To cement and solidify friendly relations between and with the businesses and community members in Rock Hill, Town of Thompson, Sullivan County area for the purpose of maintaining contact with representative organizations; to discuss matters pertaining to and affecting the activities of its members and the overall hamlet of Rock Hill; to collaborate for the improvement of all conditions relating to such activities and generally to promote interest in businesses and the community character of the hamlet of Rock Hill; to foster any steps taken in business and civic affairs touching upon the affecting the said Rock Hill community; to assist its members together for their mutual benefit as businesses and community residents, working and/or residing in said Rock Hill; to foster the trade, commerce and interest of its members and the said Rock Hill community; to assist and create community events and activities that promote Rock Hill; to seek protective legislation and ordinances for the benefit of its members and the said Rock Hill community, and to represent its members’ point of view to local, municipal, state and federal agencies and to the public”.